Annual General MeetingEdit

11th September 2012

Opening AddressEdit

Jenny introduced Noel Ene and Booky Jackson (resident involvement officer). Booky will be responsible for the election.

Minutes of the last AGM

The minutes of the last AGM were approved.

Report from the Committee

The committee updated the meeting on key initiatives from the past year.

The financial report was read to the meeting by the Treasurer. The report was approved by the meeting.


The committee stood down for the elections

All officers were re-elected to their posts.

The Committee members were also re-elected along with additional members. A full list of the Officers and the Committee members are below.



Jenny Bentall

Tom Tibbitts

Richard Llewellyn-Davies

David Frost


Deputy Chair

General Secretary


Committee members - Existing

Andrew Osborne

Aston Martin

Astred Niggeloh

Claire Sharpe

Emily Woodhouse

Tessa Brown

Jenny Jones

Mike Morris

Kapie Mzumara

Susie Giles

Rachael Goldsmith

A special welcome to the following new committee members

Committee members – New

Claudia Canova

Simon Thomas

Donnachadh McCarthy

Antonio Mori

John Jenkins

David Watkins

Open Forum

The issue of cars being broken into was raised. This needs to be reported to the police.

Road re-surfacing was also raised. Cllr Mark Williams mentioned that there is no maintenance budget. We are therefore looking to lobby that roads need to be re-made, rather than just patched. Representations were made regarding the need to completely re-surface Coleman Rd.

The issue of ash felting the pavements was also raised as residents are not happy about this happening down Bonsor Street.

The issue of anti-social car parking was raised and the need to press ahead with general road safety. Jenny assured the meeting that we are lobbying over this.

Tom Tibbits thanked Jenny for her huge contribution to the TRA over the past year. Tom also made it clear that officer posts for the Committee would be available next year so members and residents should think seriously about putting themselves forward.

Tom also raised the issue of night helicopter flights and the need to report noise nuisance to the civil aviation authority.

Antonio Mori introduced himself as the new owner of the Flying Dutchman pub and made it clear that he was looking for the pub to become more of a community venue.

Jenny closed the meeting.

Future Meetings

The meeting of the committee will be held on 25th September 7:30 – 9:30