IMPROVING PUBLIC TRANSPORTWelcome to Malc McDonald from Evolution Quarter (our next door Residents Association) and Val Shawcross, Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark.

Notes of the last General Meeting are on our web site: and there will be a brief update on the issues we discussed then.

GARDENING UPFRONTPlease note: The window box planting planned for Saturday 26th March will now be on SUNDAY 27th March, 11-1pm, meeting at corner of Dowlas and Rainbow streets.

Very special thank to BCM Scaffolding on Southampton Way, who have not only supplied free scaffolding boards for the planting boxes but have also made them up for us.

We have bought compost, plants and moisture retainers which we will supply at cost price for any you use. We would like to ask for a small donation for any window boxes, so that we can have some funds to put towards the next gardening project. Please bring any of your own plants or seeds to use or share – and bring some tools if you have some.

…………so please come along and enjoy!


The Burgess Park Action Group was planning to tie a red ribbon around every tree still ear marked for the chop under the plans to ‘improve’ the park. It was a way of showing everyone who uses the park what was going to happen.

Very sadly, we are too late, and the Council has already ordered the chain saw gang back and they have cut down and destroyed valuable trees and habitat, which many of us loved. And this has been done in the nesting season.

Jenny Bentall (Chair, WWTRA) 24th March 2011