Independent Commission on the Future of Council Housing in Southwark

Southwark Council have created an Independent Commission to look at the future of Council Housing in Southwark. The commission is tasked with looking long term planning and will prepare a report and recommendations for Southwark council. As part of the “call for evidence” the commission are interested in hearing the views of local residents, whether they are council tenants or not. They are interested in hearing about important issues like how new council housing should be build, how it should be allocated, how it should be managed and about other concerns that people may have. The WWTRA general secretary attended a “call for evidence” meeting between the Commissioners and local residents representatives on the 22nd March.

The commission made clear at the meeting that they are genuinely independent of the council, that they are preparing a report of “reasonable recommendations” on the future of council housing in Southwark to be considered by councillors. They also made it clear that these will only be recommendations. They cannot force councillors to adopt their recommendations.

The consultation was very open with a whole range of issues discussed, from concerns about the height and how densely populated new council blocks should be to how energy efficient they are and the most socially just ways in which to allocate housing. People wanting to submit their own evidence to the commission are welcome to e mail in their views, thoughts and experiences of living in, or near, Southwark council properties. More details about the Commission, and contact details for sending in evidence, are contained within the attached documents.

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